jeudi 19 décembre 2013

Getting started

As most of you will know by now, I'm leaving for a little less than 8 month to go and visit Asia.

Departure will be on the 25th of December 2013, heading straight to Australia to go and fetch Emmanuel (who'll be my travel buddy) and meet with my Australian family before the real trip starts.

I've been wishing to do a world tour for quite a long time. After discussing the matter with Emmanuel, I found out he also had the motivation and availability to do it in 2014. My company was nice enough to accept my vacations so off I'm going.

It ended being an Asia tour because we considered we already had too much to do and too many people to visit in this continent. Our main aim for this trip is too meet as many people as possible and share some time with them, discover local culture as much as we can. If you know someone (or are yourself) living in one of the countries we're going through, feel free to contact us so we can pass by and meet.

I'll mainly be posting photos, I'm not the writing type but who knows. If you drop your postal address, maybe I'll even send you a post card during the journey.

For those who would like to join us on a part of our trip, we have a plan but are obviously not going to respect it (we haven't even booked our flights yet). Just contact us to ask where we think we'll be at a given time, we'll sure be able to confirm a few milestones.

Here's the plan for the moment:
- Australia
- Flinders Island - 9th January
- Bali - 28th January
- Indonesia
- Jakarta - 22nd February
- Singapore - 23rd February
- Malaysia
- Thailand
- Laos
- Cambodia
- Vietnam
- China
- Japan, Korea, Taiwan

Pour éviter à Ikky de foncer sur google translate :
Départ le 25 Décembre 2013. Premier arrêt en Australie pour rejoindre  Emmanuel, avec qui je vais faire le voyage, et en profiter pour visiter ma famille Australienne.

Je déposerai essentiellement des photos parce que je ne suis pas vraiment du genre qui écrit, mais si vous laissez vos adresses, vous aurez peut être le droit à une carte postale.

Si jamais vous voulez nous rejoindre pour une partie du voyage, contactez nous pour savoir où on est et où on pense être à la date voulu. On ne va bien évidemment pas respecter notre planning, mais voila pour vous donner une idée de ce qu'on a en tête.

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  1. See you soon! - adventures await.
    Robinson (also known as Dave for those who are not experienced :-))